Affordable and hi-quality TV content to engage your audience better.

Gorilla is a video production agency operating in New Zealand and Australia. Purposefully designed to work directly with retail and FMCG businesses to produce hard working visual content.

We specialise in shopper engagement and retail experience. If that means working late at night so that we’re not interrupting your customers, or finding / building a kitchen to make your product sing – it all comes naturally to us.

And with smarter cost models, we produce better content for your media and communication channels – TV commercials, digital and social content, animation and photography.

Our approach is based on decades of experience and expertise working with clients, 'in-house' production teams, ad agencies, digital and social marketing teams.

If you are looking for quality and affordable production, creative thinkers and producers who make the magic happen, then lets talk.

TV Commercials

We are a diverse team of creative and production expertise, and we work with a wide range of New Zealand’s leading directors, as well as up and coming talent to deliver the right outcome for your budget – every time.

As a specialist retail-shopper production agency, we combine creative and production for a one-stop solution that will deliver you the best outcome, on time and on budget, without the drama.

We collaborate directly with you to deliver communication creative, story design, content strategy for any brief, no matter how big or small.

And, we can help with almost any project and budget (and if we can't help, we will know someone who can), whether that's a 60" commercial, a 15" pre roll or 6" social clip, we can manage it all, including delivery to all your media, campaign channels and audiences.


Our mission is to deliver you smarter cost solutions and charging models to help your budgets go further.

We know the constant pressure on marketing and communications budgets, and the need to be everywhere – all the time.

We will deliver you both cost effective AND impactful production.

High Quality

We will always deliver the highest quality production possible for the budget.

We shoot on multiple 4 - 8k capable cameras for TV and cinema, to HD for video and social.

And because we have the full suite of animation, visual FX, editing and grading facilities, we guarantee the quality.

Digital Marketing and Social Content

‘Video and photographic’ in all its forms, whether delivered across web, social and TV, is the most powerful way of connecting with your shoppers, customers, staff and stakeholders.

We make the complex process of content really simple. And cost effective, so you can do more, and spend less time worrying about 'will the work be done right'!

Be it capturing an event, re-editing existing content, digital marketing assets, or something bigger, we can launch into action. And if you are wanting a broader solution, our strategy and planning teams can work with you to plan and build out comprehensive content plans (and content libraries).

Smarter content

Producing ‘content’ is one thing (lots of people can do that for you), but knowing how audiences engage with content both online and offline, and the role that it can have in engaging audiences, driving engagement, sharing, and delivering your business and marketing objectives is the difference.

We can jump in at any point of your project, big or small. Be it planning a range of content to support your marketing plan, a new product launch, or the lightning-fast production of content to support your social media, we will make it happen.

Better leverage

We maximise your investment by utilising a range of story-telling and production techniques to develop content and variations that allow you to deploy targeted content and multiple versions of a creative, without excessively increasing production time and costs.

This means that you get more content to target (and test) specific audiences and behaviours.

View some of our Content work


We create animations that bring your communications to life, working with whiteboard, 2D, 3D, motion graphics and stop motion. Our motion artists can help you decide what is the best route to take.

Animation can be used to significantly enhance engagement, with character animation and motion graphics for videos, tv commercials, retail promotions, explainer videos, augmented reality, website content and gamification applications etc.

We work with the latest After Effects software and plugins to Cinema 4D and Maya 3D tools, we have the facilities needed to produce creative animated content, from concept to delivery.

2D and photo real 3D

From basic animations to photo-realistic environments, we can bring almost any image, TV or video to life.

Augmented reality

And using the latest in augmented reality techniques, we create graphic overlays that explain, amplify and demonstrate features and benefits better.

View some of our Animation work


People, places, products and experiences. we help you create and capture the moments that will inspire and motivate your customers.

For digital marketing and social media, awesome images are crucial to story telling, customer engagement and sharing. So often overlooked, high quality - professional imagery is crucial to creating differentiation between you and your competitors.

For e-commerce, your online store, or your channel partners, how we showcase your product and supply imagery is substantially different to a 'normal' product shot. We work with our in-house retouchers to present the label, its packaging and your product in the most optimised way.

We estimate that 90% of brands are losing out on opportunities for sales because they have not optimised their product imagery for e-commerce. FYI, working with our retail planners, we can also help you build out your e-commerce playbook.


Gorgeous photography makes your product and its promise significantly more exciting and compelling.

Digital & Social

Our DM and Social specialist are experts at developing content strategies and building out the image libraries to support them.

Website & e-commerce

Websites and e-commerce channels are extremely demanding of rich imagery. We are specialists at optimising product and imagery for e-commerce and trade usage.

Events & moments

Capturing the moments and creating the opportunities for story telling and sharing.

View some of our Photography work

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World-class TV and video production, based in New Zealand and Australia.

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